Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We prepared a few answers on typical questions, which you might find helpful to review.

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How does Memosino work?

Memosino is a cloud-based databank service to study Chinese Characters and Words in either Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters. The complete databank entries of some 5600 Characters and 16.000 Words are presented on flashcards showing the character or word, the number of strokes, meaning and pronunciation. Flashcards are repeated 4 times in a randomized order to secure a solid learning success. After this initial round of learning, flashcards become repeated in a “Spaced Repetition”, a scientifically proven concept to enhance learning results.

The software provides extensive options for personalization starting with the selection of entry level, the content, speed of learning and the option to reject individual flashcards at the beginning of each study session. As a unique feature, students will become required to pass regular online tests to progress.

Memosino - the best choice for you

We focus on students, who have a basic or lower-intermediate level of Chinese language, i.e. passed entry- level language classes or lived in China for a few months. The software is the ideal tool to perfect existing language skills, to reach a proficiency level otherwise only possible with extensive private tutoring.

We do not offer any information on grammar or pronunciation, however a voice- option will read the character or words to you, if this is required.

Free Trial Lesson

Memosino offers you a free trial before subscribing to the software. A selection of 100 flashcards out of the more basic segment of our range of 5.600 Chinese characters and more than 16.000 Words will demonstrate to you the complete range of functionalities available with Memosino. Experience the many option to personalize the study session, to trim each study lesson to your individual requirements.

How to choose my Entry Level?

A key benefit of Memosino is its functionality to customize the learning lessons individually. You can choose from 6 entry levels. We offer a quick entry test to assist in your choice of the appropriate entry level. If in doubt, we strongly suggest starting at a lower entry level. If you come across a flashcard, which content you know already well, simply reject and replace the flashcard with a new offer. These flashcards will be kept in your databank for a later occasional reminder during study sessions. Memosino’s study sessions are tailored to your personal requirements, only learn what is important to you.

Navigate Through a Study Lesson

Log-In under your username and go to the DASHBOARD page of Memosino. Continue a session, which became interrupted or start a new one. Study lessons are offered on a regular schedule, best daily and up to 100 flashcards per session. Make sure to have an environment, which allows you to focus. In addition to the number of flashcards, you have the option to individually reject flashcards, which content is already known to you. These cards become replaced by new ones.

Each flashcard contains the Chinese character or word, the pinyin pronunciation, number of strokes and meaning plus a sound button to hear a speaker. You can highlight single Chinese characters to access the respective information available.

When the flashcard is first shown, all information is displayed. Choose between the “X” to have the card become repeated again later, choose the “√” to continue with the next flashcard. Flashcards become repeated in a randomized manner over a total of 4 cycles until to retire into your personal pool of learned content. In each repetition, content is blanked in a randomized manner for you to memorize. Should you want to see the blanked content, just press the “?” below the flashcard.

Study Levels are Different

Since Memosino is an advanced tool to perfect existing basic language skills, we offer a brief test to assess your level of expertise assisting you in your choice of a total of 5 starting levels. The “Intermediate”- level for example will exclude all content listed in the “Beginner”- level, however and in a later stage of your studies, all this content will appear as our selection of flashcards to your study sessions. You have the option to reject single flashcards, which will retire the flashcard into your personal pool of “memorized” contents.

Starting from the “Lower Intermediate” level, you have the option to add our “Electives”, which is a unique option at Memosino for additional content of more specialized Chinese characters to cover areas like i.e. botany, TCM or zoology, - or add content not taught at school like colloquial language, vulgar or adult-language terms.

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe?

Memosino offers different options to study ranging from a 1-month’ subscription to a full year. Due to the extensive content offered, signing up for a longer-term subscription is advisable. Our subscription form requires the usual information about your credit card or PayPal- account, for which we cooperate with internationally renowned companies to secure data security, payment verification and consolidation. Subscriptions are renewed on due date. You will receive an email message well in advance informing you about the upcoming renewal date and payment.

Should you have any question on the procedure or your actual subscription, kindly send an email to stating your username and your request. We shall promptly revert to your request.

We trust to have your understanding that no refund will be granted for any partial periods of a subscription or else a refund on the total of a subscription period.

Customize a Learning Session

Besides the choice of entry level (see above), you have the option to exchange individual flashcards. First, choose the number of flashcards, which you want to study. Memosino will offer you a selection of flashcards, which you can accept or change in case that you already know the character or word. This allows you to strictly focus only on the content, which is new to you or which you require becoming repeated.

What are Electives?

Electives are groups of words under a specific topic, which you have the option to add to your standard pool of entries. Electives cover a wide range of topics from botany, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), zoology and others. Electives also include topics not taught at school like colloquial terms, vulgar and adult-language expressions.

Words listed under the Electives are not to be mistaken as a dictionary, since most entries relate to characters in the database as an example word for a special Chinese character. Therefore, most entries under Electives serve as support to expand your knowledge of Chinese characters, i.e. chemical elements and many terms in botany or zoology.

Access Electives

Electives are made available to students studying Chinese Words in the Lower Intermediate level or higher.

Turn off Electives, - what happens?

Electives are Words which are listed in the database mostly as examples for rather specially used Chinese characters, for example in zoology, botany or with chemicals elements. Turning these categories “off” will exclude these Chinese characters and terms from your study sessions.

Other Electives address commonly language terms like idioms, colloquial or vulgar language, fruits or food / dishes.

If in doubt, we suggest you to keep the Electives “ON”, unless you wish to select a stricter focus in your studies.

The Subscription PlanType Includes Everything

The subscription includes all features offered, no piece-meal sales of expansions, modules or “Electives”. Subscribe to Memosino and roam free. Only for sending a diploma, we will charge a small fee for handling and postage expense.

Change a Study Level

With your subscription to Memosino, you are free to choose a study level to start your journey. We suggest starting at a lower level. Since you have the option to reject and replace flashcards, you quickly exchange all known content and remain with only your individually required study content. Better even than a private tutor.

When you complete all content within one study level, you will automatically continue with the next higher level, seamless and without any extra charge.

Lower a Study Level

With your subscription to Memosino, you are free to choose a study level to start your journey. We suggest starting at a lower level, since you have the option to reject and replace flashcards, which contain known content. If you started off on a more advanced level of studies, you might find this challenging. You have the option to revisit your choice and commence on a less advanced level. Please mind that by doing so, all content studied so far will become deleted. In other words, you press a “reset”- button to start over fresh.

Mobile Options for Memosino

Memosino is available on the web, but also, as a mobile application for iOS and Android.
This means that you can use Memosino on smartphones, PDAs, PADs, Tablets or PCs running Linux, Mac or Windows operating systems.

What is “Grouping”?

The program will select the number of flashcards, which you want to study, in a randomized manner. However, the software will check, if characters are grouped together with other which look alike or have the same or similar pronunciation. This feature combines similar characters into the same study session, enhancing your learning result in a unique way found only at Memosino.

A Test is Required

Testing your knowledge from the recently learned content is a unique feature of Memosino. Once you accumulated a sufficient number of flashcards in your personal “memorized” pool, Memosino will pull a certain number of flashcards in a randomized manner for a test. Like the study sessions, some content will be blanked, which you will need to fill in from a multiple-choice selection of answers.

Each flashcard in the test will appear 3 times, each with a different selection of question and multiple-choice answers. A flashcard fails the test with 2 wrong answers.

Some answers might be more difficult, - we offer you a HINT- function to assist, only that the total number of hint options is limited to keep the challenge up high.

Failed flashcards are transferred back into the “study” pool of flashcards and will be part of your next study session.

The Diploma

Once you finalized a study level, you receive a brief congratulation display. In addition, you have the option to receive a certificate by mail, which we call “Diploma”.

In order to mail the original diploma, we will need to receive your full mail address, name, street, city & zip-code and country. Although this certificate of achievement is not an official document, you might find this helpful to enclose to your CV or personal credentials. We will charge a small fee covering handling and postage expense.

Search the Database

We offer the option to search the complete database for several information related to a Chinese Character. You can search for Chinese characters with the same radix, the same number of strokes or the pinyin transcription. You will find this option helpful to recall Chinese characters and Words, which share certain similarities.

Pay for Subscription

We cooperate with all major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express) and offer a payment by Debit Cards and PayPal. Due to the multitude of regional options available in the world, please drop us a short email at to enquire better details for specific payment options. We shall provide you a prompt clarification, whether your preferred payment option is compatible and can be processed to join the Memosino- world of students.

My Subscription Expires

Prior to the renewal date of a subscription, you will receive an email to inform you about the upcoming renewal. Should you opt to discontinue our service, simple revert on the hyperlink of the email, otherwise contact us via stating “Cancellation” in the subject line and your username in the text (Terms of Use).

The subscription is renewed with the identical terms as established in the prior subscription, if we do not hear back from you before the end of the subscription period. Please review our Terms of Use for all related details (Terms of Use).

I have a Question about my Subscription

If you already subscribed to Memosino and have a question about your subscription, please email us at If you have no subscription, but enquire more details about the process of subscription, our Terms of Use or payment, kindly email us at for a prompt feedback.

Change your Subscription

Your subscription is always valid for the full term and cannot become refunded or changed during this period. Once the subscription becomes due for renewal, you will receive an email reminder informing you about the upcoming renewal and charge. The email will have a hyperlink to change your subscription, for example change a quarterly subscription to a yearly subscription.

Confirmation Email on your Subscription

Once your subscription is confirmed and the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation statement by email confirming the username, payment and subscription for your personal records. Please ensure at the point of registration to provide a valid and frequent email.

Cancel my Subscription

You can cancel your subscription any time during the subscription period. Email us on and state “CANCELLATION” in the subject line, provide your user name in the text field. We shall discontinue our service on the due date of your valid subscription. We are not able to grant any partial or complete refund of your payment.

Receive an Invoice

To receive an invoice on your active subscription, please email your request with your username to We will email you a PDF-file copy of the invoice, which includes all details required by the German Tax Authorities, especially the tax-ID of Memosino UG, registered at Hamburg, Germany.

Change a User Name

Your username is uniquely only for your personal access to Memosino. Should you wish to change your username, please send us an email to In principle, a change of username should be possible, if the username is still available and not already used by another student.

Can I Print?

Memosino is exclusively available online via desktop or mobile devices. Neither complete study lessons nor individual flashcards may or can become downloaded or printed. Please review our Terms of Use for better details.

Switch Simplified and Traditional Characters

A subscription on Memosino offers you the complete range of data and services available. As such, you may choose to learn Chinese Characters in both formats, the standard simplified or traditional writing. In addition, you can click on individual simplified Chinese characters on the flashcard to access the traditional format of this character, if such is available.

Promotional Offers or Student Discounts

Sorry, we do not provide discounts for students or group-offers to schools at the moment. We hope however that you find our payment options reasonable and economically viable with an attractive cost-benefit ratio for you.

Use your Smartphone / iPad

Access the app store via your smartphone, PDA or Tablet and search for “MEMOSINO”. Locate the download file, install the download file free-of-charge on your mobile device. Access Start your journey on Memosino, learn about Memosino in our Walk-Thru Presentations, learn about Memosino’s many unique functionalities in a free trial.

Do I Need Internet Access to Study Memosino?

Memosino is a cloud-based databank service, which relies on an internet access for you to install the application on your desktop or mobile devise. Access to the internet is required to properly operate all functionalities. However, single study sessions are buffered on your mobile device. This allows you to complete the study session even if the internet connection is interrupted or otherwise not available for a shorter period. To finish or halt the study session at an interim stage will require access to internet to safely store your study progress and allow you to continue, where you left off.

Refer a Friend to Become a Subscriber

You hold a valid (active) subscription for the use of Memosino and have a friend interested to join with his individual subscription of 6-months or a full year? In this case, we suggest you to quickly drop us an email and state the name of the person and mail-box address prior to your friend’s subscription at, do not forget to add your username for our follow-up.

Once the new subscription is paid, we shall be glad to send you a “Thank You!”- credit of €15,- (EURO 15,-) to your credit card account used to purchase your own subscription earlier. Fees levied by the credit card company or Paypal have to be paid by the affiliate Kindly understand that we will not be able to honor your referral, if the person already subscribed to Memosino before we receive your referral email (date and time of email as reference).

Save and Access your Individual Database

Memosino will save your study progress in a safe data storage on a cloud server. You can access your personal set of data anytime and from anywhere, however not download the content to an external carrier like i.e. the hard disk of your desktop- PC or your mobile device. Your subscription allows for the personal use of Memosino’s proprietary software and databanks over the period of a subscription only.

Expand Your Individual Database

This option is not available in the present release of Memosino, but we are confident to have this feature included in a later update of the program. You have a suggestion for additional Chinese characters, Words or Expressions, which you find missing and important to complement? We would be very glad to hear from you, - kindly just drop us an email at with your suggestion.

Users Living in China

Like other countries, the Chinese government may restrict the access to certain content on the internet and with mobile system providers. To the best of our knowledge, Memosino’s functionalities are not compromised, however the integration to social network sites like Facebook, Google+ or Youtube is not possible. Downloading the APP is not restricted, loading the URL is fast though depending on the actual bandwidth available at your location. Since Memosino is hosted in a cloud-service outside of China, restriction by the “Chinese Firewall” apply to Memosino as well. We are eager to minimize any negative effect.

I cannot Access my Study Session

With a valid subscription and your correct log-in data, you should be able to go to the Dashboard- page at Memosino. Should you experience difficulties in this procedure, please email us at

If you are on the Dashboard- page and cannot access a new study session, you will need to first pass the test on the flashcards studied in your prior sessions. Memosino limits the total TEST- cards to 200. We suggest keeping this number small, which helps you to better recall the flashcard details. Best pass a TEST soon after finishing your study lessons. After the test, you can choose again the number of new flashcards to learn, starting a new study session.

Repeat a Study Session

A study session is a process of frequent repetition of flashcards, randomized in order of appearance during the lessons and tests. A study session itself may not become repeated. If you find flashcards, which you have trouble to remember during your studies, choose the red “x” below the flashcard to increase the number of repetitions. In addition, the unique test will further support your study efforts. This will ensure that the flashcard becomes repeated more often, allowing for more time and more frequent reputations.

Stop the Clock, Pause my Study Session

You can interrupt a study session at any time by saving the file. Start again from this point in your study session, - just access the Dashboard- page and continue. We strongly advise you though to keep any interruption as short as possible, since the content is repeated over a total of 4-times in one study session. Any frequent or longer interruption will have you forget part of the flashcard details. This suggestion is especially true for your long-term study of a complete study level, for which we suggest maintaining a daily schedule to maximize your benefits. Review Spaced Repetition for more details.

Get Prepared for a Study Session

At best, you prepare yourself mentally and in a quiet environment. Memosino is a fun-place to be and study, still it requires your full attention and focus as a professional and challenging tool. Being in a more noisy environment, you might experience difficulties to properly listen to the voice reading to you, which is especially important during the multiple-choice selection during a test.

What is Spaced Repetition?

Starting a study session, new flashcards will be shown 4 times and pass a Test to become assigned transferred into your individual database of learned content. From there, flashcards will be assigned into your coming study sessions. With 4 repetitions over a period of several weeks and increasing time intervals between the repetitions, Memosino uses a the scientific-proven concept called “Space Repetition”, to which Wikipedia has the following entry:

Spaced Repetition is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. Alternative names include spaced rehearsal, expanding rehearsal, graduated intervals, repetition spacing, repetition scheduling, spaced retrieval and expanded retrieval.[1]

More information is found on Wikipedia under Leitner system.