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Largest Structured Database of Flashcards

Based on 5,600 commonly used Chinese Characters you may access a total of 16,000 commonly used Words/Phrases in today’s contemporary Chinese language - all in one package and ready for you to explore. Start off at your individual level of competence with a short assessment test, - or jump right in with a quick-start trial.

Customize Your Experience

Before setting off on your journey, select between six difficulty settings (choose between Beginner to Scholar) and Speed (how many cards are learned per session). Remove and replace any flashcard already known from previous experience. This directs your focus towards content, which most appealing to you. When studying Words, choose additional content ranging from Adult / Vulgar Language to Zoology, from A to Z.

Interactive Learning

Memosino is built on the scientific concept for Spaced Repetition. Flashcards will be repeated over 4 cycles, each time with a prolonged time difference. This is a proven concept to enhance memorization of even the most complex subject. Each lesson is individual and the content is randomized to keep your mind alert. Each flashcard displays a definition, pinyin, radical, audio and number of strokes.

Discover Electives

Memosino classifies all 16.000 Words into 45 Elective groups. Memosino offers commonly used words and expressions not taught at school like colloquial language, vulgar or adult language terms. Deepen your capacity to communicate in areas like medicine, botany, zoology and many more. You may add or remove these content at any time during your studies.

Simply Unforgettable

We offer you a set of Characters or Words as flashcards to study. Quickly remove and replace any flashcard, which you know well already. Any removed flashcards will pop-up again later in the course to ensure a complete learning satisfaction. Compliment your learning with regular interim tests. Once you finalize a study level, master the final test and we offer you a diploma certificate.

Monitor Your Progress

Oversee your achievements on the detailed Dashboard. We suggest to maintain a regular schedule to learn new entries, repeat existing lessons over a total of 4 study cycles before retiring the flashcards into your individual archive. Even then, these memorized Characters and Words will pop-up randomly as a reminder to ensure that nothing is left behind.

Unique - our grouping for Chinese Characters

Many Chinese Characters carry a similar reference to others, either in their writing or their pronunciation. Studying similar characters together leads to swifter memorization, particularly for beginners. As a more advanced student, this cross reference assist you in building your word pool. At the end you might even consider Chinese to be kind of easy to learn.

Tests & Final Diploma

Memosino will test your study progress. When you study the flashcards, you will be requested to confirm your comprehension. To support your efforts, we designed intermediate tests, which are based on multiple-choice challenging you from pronunciation to the definition. Once you complete a full study level, we offer to send you a diploma by mail as an award.

Search & Track Functions

Chinese Character sometimes look alike. Frequently we fail to recall the similar character. This is a typical experience for all students. Memosino offers assistance with a comprehensive search function over the database. Our options to search the complete database by the number of strokes or radices are an effective solution.